Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1 Min Mobility Hack: Hand, Wrist & Forearm Stretch

1 Min Mobility Hack: Watch this video and give this simple excercise a shot. It has helped me out a great deal. Doesnt matter if you are a mechanic, a plumber or work behind a desk all day. Most of what we do with our hands involve holding and squeezing things all day. So the muscles that contract our fingers get a lot more work in comparison to the muscles that extend the fingers. This can cause pain and discomfort in the fingers, wrists, or forearms. Try this out a few times a day doing about 10 reps each time. And please let me know if it helped you out or what you think about it. I know it has helped me out a great deal recently which is why I wanted to share this video with you. Thanks for watching! For more info about us please like our page or visit our website at www.scrantonmma.com
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday night kids class and women's self defense

Check this out 3 classes plus wrestling with plenty of room for everyone. All jiu jitsu classes were doing armbars!! Gotta love it!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Scranton mma kids playing some games during the Gracie jiu jitsu class

Check out our kids playing some games at the end of class. Kids did a great job practicing techniques so we let them have some fun and play some games. Check out www.scrantonmma.com for more info or just leave a comment if you have a question. Thanks so much for watching.
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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

Self defense tips for defeating a larger attacker

A few tips that will help you defeat a larger attacker. 1. You Choose Where The Fight Happen. I think the number one thing you can do to give yourself an edge against a larger attacker is to chose where the fight will happen. The most obvious way to use this tip is that if the attacker wants to make the attack look like a boxing match it is to your advantage to make it a grappling match. Most people would agree that it is much easier to fight a stronger person on the ground especially if that person does not know how to fight on the ground. Being proficient in ground fighting actually lets you use the attackers strength to attack them. 2. Change What Determines The Outcome Again this goes to taking control of the situation as best you can. Why would you want the fight to be all about strength. Instead turn things around so that the winner will be determined by things like technique, timing and speed. Again one of the easiest ways to make this happen is to not get into a strength contest. Make it a grappling contest.. take the fight to the ground. This allows the person who is more proficient at ground fighting to win the fight. 3.Use Lots of Your Muscles To Attack Small Parts of Their Body The easiest way to end a fight against a large attacker is to use a submision. Submissions allow you to use a lot of your body parts / muscles to attack small(er) parts of your attacker. For instance when you armbar someone you get to use your arms, legs and back muscles to attack a persons arm. You have a very good chance of winning that battle.
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

3 Tips From a Navy Seal To Keep You Safe

. STOP and Pay Attention - Don't Get Distracted - Stay Focused 2. Act First / Strike First - Don't Wait! 3. Do What You Say / Say What You Do - Communicate - Team Up / Buddy System
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