Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1 Min Mobility Hack: Hand, Wrist & Forearm Stretch

1 Min Mobility Hack: Watch this video and give this simple excercise a shot. It has helped me out a great deal. Doesnt matter if you are a mechanic, a plumber or work behind a desk all day. Most of what we do with our hands involve holding and squeezing things all day. So the muscles that contract our fingers get a lot more work in comparison to the muscles that extend the fingers. This can cause pain and discomfort in the fingers, wrists, or forearms. Try this out a few times a day doing about 10 reps each time. And please let me know if it helped you out or what you think about it. I know it has helped me out a great deal recently which is why I wanted to share this video with you. Thanks for watching! For more info about us please like our page or visit our website at www.scrantonmma.com
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